Keitech - Flapper Grub

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Size: 4 inch - 10,16 cm

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Keitech - Flapper Grub

The Keitech - Flapper Grub is a new twister that is used to catch all predators like perch, zander, pike, catfish, etc.
The Flapper Grub is not just a twister, but a lure thought out to the smallest detail. The creators modernized the classic form, adding a few touches to it, equipping the Flapper Grub lure with a number of unique features.
The first thing that attracts attention is the unusual tail, equipped with a small blade. This design solution allowed Flapper Grub to give a clearer and more stable performance, especially at low bait speeds. Such twister work significantly increases the chances of success in situations where fish activity is minimal, and the predator stops responding to classic lures.