FishUp - Wizzle Shad

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  • 2" - 5,1 cm

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FishUp - Wizzle Shad

The FishUp - Wizzle Shad is the first vibrotail by FishUp. The unique feature of "shad" from this series is its massive, heavy ballast at its bottom, which is deliberately made this large. The advantage of this design is that the bait creates more potent vibrations in comparison with similar ones. This feature makes Wizzle Shad very attractive to predators.

Through a combination of big bottom ballast and a compact body, FishUp Wizzle Shad can be effectively used as fast full-flowing rivers, and also in stagnant water. Having a special offset hook slots on the body, Wizzle Shad can be used in difficult fishing places with high efficiency.

When fishing for Wizzle Shad one can use a wide range of jigging: steady, graded, wavy, with harsh elements of twitching. If you use various animating options, even the most passive predator will not remain indifferent to them.

All the FishUp - Wizzle Shads have crawfish attractor.