Favorite - Blue Bird

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Power: Super Ultra Light
Length: 204 Cm
Power: 0,5-5
Action Extra-Fast

BB-632UL-S / 682UL-S

Power: Ultra Light
Length: 192 Cm / 204 Cm
Power: 1-7
Action: Extra-Fast


Power: Medium Light
Length: 219 Cm
Power: 4-14
Action: Extra-Fast


Power: Ultra Light 
Length: 230 Cm 
Power: 1,5-8
Action: Extra-Fast


Power: Light
Length: 236 Cm 
Power: 2-10
Action: Extra-Fast

Favorite - Lighter & Stronger L-Ti Guides

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$ 68.40

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Favorite - Blue Bird

Not very long ago high-end finesse rods with a solid tip, were presented only by elite Japanese brands. Now this obstacle was eliminated by the Favorite - Blue Bird series. These rods despite being of low price, are definitely not a compromise. The Favorite - Blue Bird is a truly high-quality, very sensitive Ultra Light rod which allows casting small soft baits for a long distance. It’s equipped with a comfortable split handle, tiny guides on the top which decrease the inertia of blank and increases sensitivity. Additionally, the top guide wrappings painted white which can easily be seen from any background. Put on a light reel and you have the perfect instrument which isn’t any worse than its brand analogs. Originally meant for saltwater rock fishing, these rods also suitable for freshwater fishing in a finesse style for perch.