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  • 100 m - 109 yards
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Pack description

Konger - Streeto Caster - Combo

Pack content

Streeto Caster UL 2002

Length: 200 cm

Castingweight: 1-9 gr

Weight: 105 gr

Transportlength: 104 cm

# Pieces: 2

Streeto Caster L 2002

Length: 200 cm

Castingweight: 4-16 gr

Weight: 107 gr

Transportlength: 104 cm

# Pieces: 2

Konger - Streeto Caster

The Konger - Streeto Caster UL 2002 is a top-class baitcast rod. The UL version is particularly suitable for the use of small Hardbaits, topwatersjigs (from about 1 g) and spinners. She is a true all-rounder and versatile. The first-class casting properties of the Konger - Streeto UL bring the bait precisely where you want it. The nanocarbon blank loads optimally during fighting a fish and transmits the power directly to the bait. So, exact throws are part of the standard repertoire of the Streeto series. The anthracite-colored blank was deliberately omitted from a coating to keep the blank as light as possible. The so-called Nanocarbon Core technology is used on all rods of the Streeto series. This is a production process that enables extremely fast, powerful and above all light rods. As a visual highlight you can see over the entire length of the handle high-quality processed carbon material.

The entire Streeto series uses only the highest quality products. These include, for example, FUJI SKSS reel seat and powerful Sea Guard SiC guides.


  • 6 ball bearings, 1 ant reverse bearing
  • Light composite body
  • precise drag
  • light, shallow aluminum spool
  • balanced double handle
  • magnetic spool brake
  • weight: 154 gr
  • gear ratio: 6,5:1

Konger - Streeto Cast R 7200 LH

It’s not that easy to find a reel dedicated for finesse fishing, especially, if you are new in this kind of fishing. There are a few important features required from this kind of reel: precise system which prevents overrun, high quality ball bearings to support the spool shaft, and the spool itself must be lightweight and shallow. Worth mention, low weight of the frame - it will definitely increase comfort of fishing. The Streeto Cast R retrieve over 80 cm of line per turn. The Konger - Streeto Cast R has it all, and one important feature more: reliability


0,06 mm - 9 Kg
0,08 mm - 11 Kg
0,10 mm - 13 Kg

Select - Master PE

The Select Master PE dyneema is a high grade 4-strands braided line of Japanese PE polyethylene (Nippon Dyneema Co., Ltd.). The line is fairly stiff, has a high wear resistance and is round. The Select - Master PE is a budget - friendly PE line that meets all the characteristics expected of a PE line!